Insurance for events and entertainment

There are a range of things that can go wrong when organising an event. Despite all the planning in the world there are certain factors that you have little control over, such as a last minute cancellation of your headline act, a serious injury to one of your patrons or a theft of expensive equipment.

Although you can’t stop such incidents, you can protect yourself in the event that they occur, by taking out appropriate insurance.

Marsh Advantage can arrange a variety of products for the event and entertainment sector, including liability and business insurance, while also covering a number of industry specific risks such as cancellation and non-appearance of performers.

Event Insurance

This is a policy that is taken out for a one-off event.  It covers your legal liability if an attendee at your event suffers an injury or suffers damage to their property, and it is found to be your fault. For example, a patron trips on an electric cord and breaks their leg.

Additional event covers can also be arranged for money, property and personal accident for volunteer workers.

Entertainment Insurance

This is a policy suitable for when those who plan on holding a number of events within a year.  It covers your legal liability if someone attending one of your events suffers an injury or suffers damage to their property, and it is found to be your fault. For example, a marquee collapses, damaging a performer’s musical equipment.

Additional entertainment covers can also be arranged for property, business interruption, theft, money, glass and personal accident for volunteer workers.

Cancellation / Non-appearance Insurance

Cancellation / Non-appearance Insurance is designed to protect event organisers, promoters or sponsors against cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation of their event(s).  The cover only applies, however, if the cause of this is beyond your control, and certain exclusions apply.

Prize Indemnity Insurance

Prize Indemnity Insurance covers the cost of attractive, high value prizes won in promotional events, marketing campaigns and contests such as ‘Hole in One’ competitions.

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We've arranged insurance for a variety of events including:

  • Australian Grand Prix
  • Clipsal 500
  • Paspaley Polo in the City
  • Food and Wine Festival
  • Speech Pathology Conference
  • Flight Centre Conference
  • Adelaide Symphony Orchestra  

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