Aviation industry insurance

 The Marsh group has a solid reputation in helping some of the world’s largest airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance and repair organisations, ground service handlers, helicopter operators, airports and private craft owners. We understand that comprehensive insurance provides greater confidence and peace of mind in an area that faces complex risks.

We can help you find coverage that’s tailored to your exact needs and key industry risks - without the need for you to pay for unnecessary extras. We also use a benchmarking service to help us stay in tune with changing insurance market conditions and premium rates.

Marsh Advantage Insurance can help you find coverage across a range of areas including:

  • Physical loss or damage of aircraft hull including aviation spares, engines, components, etc
  • Negligence resulting in physical injury and property damage to third parties, caused by the use of your aircraft or the aircraft itself, including coverage for passengers
  • Hull damage caused by events such as war, hijacking, terrorism and malicious damage and/or riots and civil commotion, etc
  • Bodily injury or damage to property arising out of the use of airport premises, including liability for aircraft, spares, engines, components etc in your care and control plus product liability exposures
  • Negligence resulting in physical injury and property damage to third parties, arising out of the use of hired/chartered aircraft
  • Employee benefits program for your workforce
  • Other services covering occupational health and safety and workers' compensation*, crisis management and recovery from business interruptions

We also benchmark insurance products to identify optimal coverage levels in relation to agreed hull values and liability limits, suitable excesses or self-retained risks, and geographic or areas of operation including worldwide coverage.

Let us take the burden out of your aviation insurance. Get a quote!


* Marsh Advantage Insurance does not arrange workers’ compensation insurance in those states where there is a government scheme in place. Marsh Advantage Insurance arranges only consultancy services in those states.


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